Twilio is revolutionising the way businesses interact with their customers by building the tools , platforms, scale and capacity needed to build engaging customer interactions to accelerate growth!

Twilio enables businesses to connect to the global communications systems and democratises access to provide world-wide, resilient paths of communication via API’s to create the ultimate user experience. Twilio’s omni-channel communications infrastructure coupled with a Tier 1 wireless connectivity proposition the Super SIM means Twilio is establishing itself as an innovative leader in the realms of global IoT service provision and enablement.

Some of their best-known customers are Uber, Lime, Lyft, AirBnB, Peloton and Netflix.

Having Twilio as a Filament STAC sponsor will support our cohort to develop global industry leading products. Twilio provides platforms and services to build innovative IoT solutions, connecting them to reliable cellular networks, and securing them for life – ensuring our cohort build reliable IoT solutions with ease.

Really looking forward to supporting all the great work STAC is doing to support local start-ups to be tomorrows best known brands.”

angela forbes, twilio

Thank you Twilio for sponsoring Filament STAC to support mission to build Scotland’s next generation of internationally successful companies and future leaders.

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