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Hotdesking at STAC Space provides the flexibility you need to work efficiently in a shared environment. Enjoy a dynamic workspace, connect with diverse professionals, and embrace a collaborative atmosphere, all while maintaining the freedom to choose your preferred desk each day.

Product Development Labs

A cutting-edge facility featuring a fully furnished electronics lab, fabrication lab, and R&D maker-space. This comprehensive environment accelerates the entire product development process, providing inventors and developers with the tools and resources needed to bring their ideas to life, from concept to prototype.


A dynamic, branded space that adjusts to your company's growth, fostering collaboration and innovation at the forefront of tech among start-ups, scale-ups, and established tech firms. It's the preferred destination for national and international tech companies, offering a versatile environment for offices, workshops, media creation, and events.

Media Lab

Our media Lab is a premier hub for companies demanding top-notch audio-visual marketing. With advanced equipment like high-quality cameras, professional audio recording tools, and a versatile green screen setup, the lab facilitates the creation of impactful marketing content. From promotional videos to immersive presentations, the Media Lab is tailored to elevate brand presence and deliver compelling visual messages.

Event Space

Versatile and dynamic venue equipped with modern amenities. This space is ideal for hosting conferences, workshops, networking events, and more. With a welcoming atmosphere, the Event Space fosters collaboration and engagement.

Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms provide a professional and collaborative environment for teams and businesses. Equipped with modern amenities, these rooms are ideal for discussions, presentations, and strategic planning sessions. With versatile setups and a conducive atmosphere, our meeting rooms offer the perfect space for productive and successful gatherings.

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IoT Place

Skypark 1,
8 Elliot Place,
G3 8EP

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A Boost to Glasgow’s Innovation And IoT Sector

Government Funds Are Set To Ignite A Revolution In Glasgow’s Innovation And IoT Sector.

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