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We exist to support tech visionaries on their journey to launch, build, scale, and achieve lasting global success.

Product Realisation and Scale

We strive to get product development right the first time by solving global problems with the best technologies. STAC-supported companies can reach volume with world-class supply chains - reaching international markets with competitive, high-quality products.

Sustainable Growth

Through the development of 116 key scaling ingredients we help companies build for scale with talent, processes, systems, and governance to grow whilst demonstrating compliance in every way.

Investment Planning and Readiness

From perfecting value propositions we support our start-ups to chart their investment needs, schedule, and value-building plans.

why glasgow?

We have the talent and innovation from our universities, now we are boosting entrepreneurship and increasing the ambition to position Glasgow as a leader in the development and application of key future technologies that will allow it to compete on the global stage.

Jim Rowan

CEO, Volvo Cars

An emerging epicentre for innovation and collaboration

Our cultural diversity enriches the collaborative environment, fostering a unique and inclusive atmosphere essential for tech innovation. Positioned strategically as a gateway to the UK and European markets, with a high quality of life, thriving cultural scene, and a history of industrial prowess, Glasgow emerges as the quintessential address for a Smart Things tech hub.


Our team and advisory board are trusted and experienced in leadership, business growth, product development, sales, manufacture, sustainability and investment, having developed products and ran businesses for some of the biggest names in tech.

Paul Wilson

Founder &

Gregor Aikmain

Founder &

Linda Hanna

Strategic Partnerships Director

Angus McFadyen

Funding Requirements Mentor

Innes Taylor

Sales and Business Development Mentor

Aileen Biagi

IP and Technology Mentor

Jo Weston

Marketing Communications Mentor

Gllian Rushton

Accounting Mentor

Linzi Caldwell

Legal and Governance Mentor

Conner Paterson

Programme Coordinator

Taylor Wilson

Digital Media Manager

Gavin Speirs

HR & People Mentor

Maddy Cooper-Chessar

HR & People Mentor

Our Board &
Advisory Board

Jim Rowan

Volvo Cars

Ronnie Darroch


Richard Lewis

NXD, Chairman & Exec. Coach

Evelyn MacDonald

Scottish EDGE

Stefan Raue


Craig Whittet

Product Design Engineering, GSoA

Sean Murphy

VP of Supply Chain

Paul Winstanley

Founder &

Don’t just take our word for it

The unique pitch events go beyond just preparation. Meaningful feedback from small groups of investors and potential follow-ups create a distinctive experience. It’s not just about pitch day; it’s about integrating pitching into the core of the founder journey

Garrett Sprague

CEO, Smplicare

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