Smplicare Celebrates Success With New Funding

Smplicare moves towards their mission with new funding from UK Research and Innovation.

Smplicare proudly announces a significant achievement as it secures funds from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the esteemed UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge. This marks a pivotal moment in Smplicare’s commitment to empowering independence in later stages of life.

Having dedicated years to testing innovative ideas geared towards fostering independence in later life, Smplicare is set to realize its vision with the aid of the granted funds. This funding will play a crucial role in delivering the first phase of Smplicare’s vision—adapting everyday wearables and digital health devices to the context of healthy ageing. This acknowledgment is a testament to the dedication and innovative spirit that Smplicare brings to the realm of healthy ageing solutions.

As Smplicare moves forward with the support of UKRI funds, the journey toward a future where wearables and digital health devices are tailored for healthy ageing gains momentum. Stay tuned for more updates as Smplicare continues to pioneer advancements that contribute to empowering the future of independent living.

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