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Collaborating with STAC means supporting our mission to propelling Scotland’s “things” start-ups to international competitiveness. 

We're collaborating with a diverse spectrum of partners, including local organisations and some of the largest global brands.

supporting stac means:

Building brand

Sponsoring STAC provides enhanced visibility and credibility within Europe’s largest ‘things’ cluster. By aligning your brand with STAC, you signal your commitment to supporting entrepreneurship and technological advancement.

Gaining exclusive access to innovation pipelines

Stay at the forefront of technology by gaining early insights into ground breaking developments within STAC’s ecosystem. Our partners have the opportunity to connect with the best in “things” innovation.

Expanding your

Being part of STAC means tapping into a thriving community of like-minded individuals and potential collaborators. The resources, both in terms of knowledge and connections, is invaluable.

Tapping into Scotland's hub of technology

Joining The Beyond means leveraging a vibrant ecosystem of innovation, networking opportunities, and knowledge exchange facilitated within Europe’s largest ‘”things” cluster in Finnieston, Glasgow. 


Founding partners

Premium sponsors


Strategic partners


Collaboration with Sponsors and Cohort Company, Perro

Keysight Technologies and Pivot International, Inc. use Bluetooth performance tests to accelerate cohort company, Perro, to market.

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Let’s create something extraordinary together

STAC establishes connections between industry, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs to address some of the the world’s biggest problems.