STAC Sponsors are accelerating time to market for cohort companies

written by AIleen Biagi

STAC Cohort, WashR are developing a fast, hygienic solution for cleaning reusable cups and the STAC sponsors are accelerating time to market by providing world-class technology, know-how and services.


Washr’s connectivity will be powered by a Twilio IoT reference design.


Pivot International bring design for manufacture expertise optimising the design proposal that Filament PD have helped drive alongside Washr’s internal development team.

Supply Chain

Arrow review the bill of materials to secure components in a challenging electronics supply chain climate.

Consumer Data

The Washr is not simply the physical product though. With the Circular Economy at the heart of WashR’s mission, Arceptive provide expertise to create robust data abstraction, reporting, analytics and control. This data is then presented in a usable format to enable efficient maintenance of WashR’s equipment as well as providing WashR’s customers reports on carbon savings achieved.

Customer Service

Twilio’s omnichannel messaging, will provide streamlined customer service communication in a format that works for WashR’s customers.

Business Processes

As a start-up, WashR are building not just a robust product but also benefit from services of STAC sponsors to create a company and business that has processes and support in place for long term success. AAB and Burness Paul have provided insight into legal frameworks for the business and security of the WashR staff.

Cohort Collaboration

There is synergy within the STAC cohort as well. STAC company, 5G3i is enabling WashR to take predictive maintenance to the next level with their ultra edge computing technology.


Now Open

Applications have opened for the third intake of founders, come and join us!