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Enjoy a proven acceleration programme led by qualified industry experts and supported by leading corporates to build your teams, products, and markets to maximum effect. Every aspect of company building is covered with expert advice.

Founder(s) who have identified a problem to be solved that creates a business opportunity in the scope of “things” i.e. connectivity, advanced materials, sensors, machine vision, voice, AI, big data, autonomous vehicles, battery/power, IoT, clean tech and medtech.

We aim to support our start-ups to successfully attract investment by having an investment web platform and hosting regular investor events. Additionally, we plan to have an investment arm in Q3 2024.

The programme spans 18 months, with participants expected to dedicate one day per week to actively engage in the activities and requirements of the programme.

Our process commences with the submission of an application, followed by a 20-minute in-person or video session with a meticulously chosen panel of five individuals, typically comprised of technologists, serial entrepreneurs, and investors.

Absolutely. We actively support early-stage products.

Wearables, asset tracking, sensing, robotics, machine learning, vision, and advanced materials. Learn more about our cohort companies here.

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STAC establishes connections between industry, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs to address some of the the world’s biggest problems.