Collaboration with Sponsors and Cohort Company, Perro

Keysight Technologies and Pivot International, Inc. used Bluetooth performance tests to help Perro.

In a testament to the power of collaboration within the STAC ecosystem, STAC sponsors Keysight Technologies and Pivot International, Inc. have joined forces with cohort company Perro to elevate their pet tracker manufacturing process.

Leveraging Keysight Technologies’ advanced IOT8720A wireless test solution, the Pivot International, Inc. team conducted meticulous Bluetooth performance tests. These crucial insights played a pivotal role in shaping design decisions, particularly in antenna design, empowering Perro to confidently meet their form factor requirements.

Perro’s Co-founders, Josh Anderson and Adam Cassidy, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in navigating uncertainties common to startups. They expressed gratitude for the support within the STAC IoT ecosystem, stating, “Being part of the STAC IoT ecosystem and working with partners such as Keysight has allowed us to test more accurately at an early stage, allowing for higher confidence of success when moving into later stages of development.”

Ian Reading and Duncan Boyd from Keysight commented on the enthusiasm of working with the vibrant companies in the STAC cohort. They look forward to further assisting Perro in their testing needs as they progress through development and into production.

Mark Reeves from Pivot International, Inc. echoed the sentiment, highlighting the enjoyment of collaborating with STAC and its cohort companies. The support from Keysight Technologies’ test equipment has proven invaluable in propelling Perro’s pet tracker from design and development to successful testing. The collaborative relationships forged within the STAC community are set to grow as Perro advances into production.

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