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The Aquaponics Garden Ltd. (AQGA) is an aquaponics technology company whose key aim is to make aquaponic vertical farming easily adoptable worldwide. Aquaponics is a farming technology where fish are reared, their waste is converted to produce a nutrient rich water, free of chemicals and pesticides, to feed plants grown in hydroponics. AQGA’s goal is to commercialise and sell its indoor farming system that overcomes seasonality, can be retrofitted into disused buildings, and is easily adoptable. AQGA’s product will empower businesses and local communities to grow nutrient rich fresh produce year-round, whilst protecting the environment.

Get the most out of your workouts… anywhere. Traveling? Out for run? Limited gym space? BGR has you covered with the world’s first retractable & portable gym that includes Bars, Grips & Rings. 

In 2019, BGR Training was awarded SMART Feasibility funding to create RepTek: fit-tech that will transform The BGR into a smart, connected and data generating product. RepTek is the company’s pre-emptive reaction to the inevitable digitization of the product category- preparing the company for the future of fitness.

The Fyne ambition to enable truly platform agnostic development of graphical applications is one that helps developers and companies alike. As well as promoting quality software development and testing it is clear that a one-codebase approach to the growing number of application platforms reduces the amount of development required to deliver a multi-platform strategy. By assisting businesses to adopt the Fyne toolkit in their technology strategy the team at Fyne Labs will enable faster delivery to a wider audience with less development effort.