Happy Leaf Secures 10K Win at Scottish Edge

Happy Leaf has emerged victorious, securing a well-deserved £10,000 in funding from Scottish Edge.

In an exciting triumph, Happy Leaf, and founders Amy Roberts and Iain Quinn, has emerged victorious, securing a well-deserved £10,000 in funding from Scottish Edge. This achievement stands as a testament to their impressive mission—building a smart sensor and app designed to empower all home plant growers in cultivating greener, happier, and healthier living spaces.

Happy Leaf’s mission revolves around making plant care more accessible and enjoyable. With their innovative smart sensor and app, they aim to provide home plant growers with the tools they need to create thriving and vibrant greenery within their living spaces. The £10,000 funding injection from Scottish Edge is a recognition of the potential impact of Happy Leaf’s mission. The entire STAC community is buzzing with excitement and pride for Happy Leaf’s well-deserved win. This achievement not only validates the hard work and dedication poured into their innovative project but also highlights the support and collaborative spirit within the STAC ecosystem.

Happy Leaf’s success goes beyond the financial reward—it represents a win for innovation and sustainability. By encouraging and facilitating plant care at home, they contribute to a more eco-conscious and fulfilling way of living. The ripple effect of their mission extends to promoting a deeper connection with nature within the confines of our homes. The STAC community stands united in support of their mission to bring greenery and joy to homes everywhere. Stay tuned for more updates as Happy Leaf continues to thrive and inspire

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