A Start-Up isn’t “your baby”, it is “a baby”

Start-Ups are demanding, hungry, messy, expensive, unreasonable and ungrateful. They put you in embarrassing situations and they don’t respect boundaries. Everything they do that’s wrong is your fault, while they take all the glory, “isn’t she/he so clever/healthy/strong/funny/beautiful while you sit there exhausted and unshowered. When you have a Start-Up there is no turning back, […]

Customer traction: The key to unlocking success

A line of conversation we hear a lot in start-up companies is that focussing on, and securinginvestment is key to unlocking the potential success of the business. Sometimes, theprocess of seeking investment can become so all-consuming, that we forget the reason webegan in the first place. When you imagine a start-up idea, what do you […]