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The application for STAC’s 2021 cohort is now closed. Register interest for future cohorts here.


We’re on a mission to build Scotland’s next generation of internationally successful companies and we’re accepting new applicants to our Scale Up programme.

Are you a start-up with big ambition and an idea in:

  • Climate crisis & environmental impact (including renewables, circular economy, cleantech, transport, electric vehicles, smart city, smart home, natural resource management)
  • Healthcare & Medtech (incl. wearables, patient monitoring, diagnosis, analysis, inclusivity (ageing, ability, geography, etc)
  • Industrial Productivity (incl. Smart City, Property Tech, agriculture/SmartAG, aquaculture, manufacturing efficiency, waste management)

or are you developing any smart device, connected product or IoT solution?

Applications for our 3rd cohort are now closed, however, we regularly review applications and aim to respond to demand where possible. Please send us your application and we’ll be in contact with more details.

Not ready to apply yet? Please register interest and we can contact you with key dates and reminders. Register interest here.

PLEASE NOTE: We provide an offline copy for ease of working offline – applications need to be submitted through the online form below.

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