A Collaboration with Keysight Technologies

Cohort companies got a hands-on exploration of Keysight's cutting-edge test equipment.

Last week marked a pivotal moment for the STAC cohort as Duncan Boyd from Keysight Technologies graced us with an enlightening discussion on the critical role of production testing in the realm of high-volume IoT products.

The session unfolded with a hands-on exploration of Keysight’s cutting-edge test equipment, allowing cohort members to delve into practical applications and even assess their own projects. Duncan Boyd emphasized the paramount importance of comprehensive testing, highlighting its fundamental role in ensuring the success of IoT products in the market.

He shed light on the risks associated with inadequate test coverage, underscoring that meticulous testing isn’t just a quality control measure but a lifeline for a product’s reputation. A misstep in testing could lead to serious issues, tarnish a brand’s image, and even necessitate a product recall.

Duncan expressed his enthusiasm for engaging with the cohort, stating, “It’s very energizing to be able to engage with the cohort and help the individual companies accelerate their knowledge in this area.”

The collaboration with Keysight Technologies has proven to be invaluable for the STAC cohort, providing access to cutting-edge test equipment and leveraging the expertise of Duncan Boyd. Bryan MacMillan, founder of Tyre Runner, one of the cohort companies, shared his thoughts on the session:

“The session with Duncan was great and rather humbling. Being able to tap into Duncan’s deep experience and the demonstration of one of Keysight’s solutions brings new awareness to an area I hadn’t proficiently considered. Being from a software engineering background, I’m well versed in the importance of testing, but Duncan’s session reiterated just how important, if not more important, end-to-end, assembly, and integration testing is in the physical world as well.”

The STAC cohort extends its gratitude to Keysight Technologies for the enriching collaboration, reinforcing our commitment to equipping innovative IoT ventures with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the competitive landscape. Here’s to continued learning and success!

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